Why We Support Alyce

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alyce for the past three years on the Stanton Community Foundation. I found her to be a hard worker and very innovative. With the foundation she developed new programs to assist the youth of Stanton to achieve their academic goals. She approaches her responsibilities with logic and common sense. As a current member of the Stanton City Council she presents a strong independent voice working to make Stanton’s forward vision a reality. I enthusiastically endorse Alyce to continue being a valued member of the Stanton City Council.

Brian Donahue
Former Mayor and City Council Member, Stanton City Council
President of Board of Directors, Boys and Girls Club of Stanton
Founder and Former Chair, Stanton Community Foundation

I believe that Alyce brings a new vision of what young families in our community need, she has openness about her; she listens and takes what you say to heart. When the COVID-19 lockdown first started, Alyce procured a donation of thousands of facemasks for the Lions Club, which was distributed to the neediest in our city. She also took the initiative and worked with the Foundation to personally sew hundreds of cloth masks to donate to our most vulnerable and underserved seniors. For me, Alyce brought a different perspective, ways to accomplish our goals as a board, and is a very enthusiastic team player. We need a strong voice who will work hard for the residents she not only serves in District 2 but for all of Stanton residents. I am honored and thankful to endorse Alyce Van for District 2 – Stanton City Council.

Pamela Schoonover
Stanton Resident for over 44 years
Former Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club of Stanton
Treasurer, Stanton Lions Club
Treasurer, Stanton Community Foundation
Board Member, Youth Assistance Foundation of Stanton

I’m glad to endorse Alyce Van for City Council because I have personally seen how devoted she is to her community. She grew up in Stanton her whole life and wants to make sure her district is well represented. I’ve seen her make things change in a good way. She reaches out to find and affect change. She helped us improve Park Place Apartments’ security, succeeded in getting management to delay a rent increase in a pandemic, and always asks what our residents need. She continues to work for positive change. She is a great friend, City Council woman, gardener, and Mom.

Sanna Ware
President, Stanton Community Garden
Public Safety Committee Member
Park Place Apartments Resident

With great respect, I endorse Alyce Van for Stanton City Council. As soon as she joined the council, Alyce showed excellent leadership and communication skills. She’s been a leader in dealing with the Homeless Issues facing our city and deserves much credit for ending the encampments and working with individuals experiencing homelessness in a compassionate manner. She is a member of the Stanton Community Foundation and supports the Boys and Girls Club of Stanton. Please vote for Alyce on November 3rd.

Gary Taylor
Council Member, City of Stanton

I first met Alyce at a Stanton Community Outreach meeting and have since had many conversations with her about the future of the city. I quickly learned that she was serving on the city council not for personal or political gain, but from a desire to meaningfully improve the lives of the residents of Stanton. Her unwavering advocacy is driven by a strong sense of morality and selflessness. These principles guide her to ask the difficult questions and challenge the status quo when necessary. The city is facing challenges in the near future requiring continuing leadership that represents our diverse community. It is for these reasons that I endorse Alyce Van for Stanton City Council.

Doug Makino
Public Safety Committee Member

I have served with Alyce Van on the Stanton Community Foundation Board of Directors for over three years. Not only is she a pleasure to serve with, but in her role as a board member and currently Vice Chair, I can also unequivocally state that she is a diligent and dedicated team player who gets things done thoughtfully and thoroughly. I am endorsing Alyce Van in the upcoming Stanton City Council election in November 2020.

Debi Grand
Planning Commissioner
Secretary, Stanton Community Foundation

I am proud to endorse Alyce Van because she has proven to uplift our community. She empowers young people to participate in civic duty and always speaks truth to power in her fight for the best interest of residents.

Donald Torres
Public Safety Committee Member

In working with Alyce Van, I have seen her passion and enthusiasm for serving Stanton communities, especially for minority groups. She is an effective advocate to bring improvement and changes to our city. I am honored to support Alyce Van as our City Council Member for District 2.

Hanni Hoang Phan
Parks, Recreation and Community Service Commissioner

I’m pleased to endorse Hong Alyce Van for Stanton City Council because she is an effective leader who has shown time and time again that her heart and soul is dedicated to public service and putting the interests of the people over politics. She is a fearless fighter and proven leader, and I am proud to give her my wholehearted support.

Alan Lowenthal
United States Representative, California's 47th Congressional District

I’m proud to endorse Hong Alyce Van for re-election to Stanton’s City Council. Alyce is thoughtful, empathetic, and highly qualified. In her short time on the city council, Alyce has displayed an energetic commitment to her hometown that should make every resident of Stanton proud. Alyce’s unique leadership qualities have made her an enormously effective city councilmember and respected member throughout our community. She has a clear vision for the City of Stanton – invest in local economic growth, support our neighborhoods and small businesses and provide high quality public services to residents. Alyce is committed to bringing the community together to celebrate its diversity while deepening Stanton’s pride of place. I urge you to vote for Hong Alyce Van.

Josh Newman
Former California State Senator, 29th California Senate District
Founder & Executive Director, ArmedForce2Workforce

Hong Alyce Van is committed to serving others, lifting up our most vulnerable and making a difference in the community. We can trust her to always fight for the inclusive values of our party. As a Stanton resident myself, I urge you to vote for Democrat Hong Alyce Van for City Council on or before Tuesday, November 3.

Ada Briceño
Chair, Democratic Party of Orange County

Women for American Values and Ethics (WAVE) is honored to endorse Hong Alyce Van as a candidate for City of Stanton City Council District 2. We appreciate her leadership to support progressive issues in Orange County and willingness to run for this important race. Our membership, endorsement committee and Advisory Council wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy and were inspired by her story and service to the community.

Women for American Values and Ethics (WAVE)